Adorable river otters frolic around in the snow

SAN FRANCISCO, California -- River otters at San Francisco's Aquarium of the Bay got an icy treat on Wednesday, but not one meant for eating.

The aquarium at Pier 39 filled the otter enclosure with 70 pounds of snow. Three North American river otters appeared to love rolling and sliding in the stuff.

Luckily, their thick skin acts like a warm snow suit, so they just kept on playing.

"There is no off button for a North American river otter. And we designed this exhibit specifically so there would be lots of things for them to do - surfaces to jump on, tunnels to crawl in, and - of course - water to play in," Aquarium of the Bay's Christina Slager said.

North American river otters were almost hunted to extinction for that thick fur that keeps them warm.

Fortunately, conservation efforts are letting them make a comeback in California, especially in the marshes of Suisun Bay and the Delta.

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