Wife puts husband for sale on Facebook after he forgets Mother's Day

JUPITER, Fla. -- When he forgot about Mother's Day, Chris Bouyea's wife put him up for sale.

"He didn't say happy Mother's Day," Katie Bouyea tells WPTV. "He didn't say thank you, or even have the kids make me a homemade card like he might normally do, so I was a little frustrated."

Monday night, Katie posted an ad on Facebook.

"For sale, best offer. Hubby who couldn't be bothered to wish me Happy Mother's Day or do anything special for me yesterday," the ad reads. "One (wo)man's trash is another (wo)man's treasure. Has 8 years of marriage mileage so somewhat broke in."

"Last night when she wrote that...I didn't know what to think or say," Chris told WPTV.

The post got hundreds of comments and likes within hours, but the highest bid was for just $20. Chris says he's much more valuable than that.

"I cook, I clean, I mop floors, I do dishes, I paint," Chris said.

Chris eventually offered his wife an apology, and it appears she's decided to keep him for herself...for now.

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