At 110 years old, Avicia Thorpe has seen 19 presidents take office

DANVILLE, Va. (WTVD) -- An hour north of Durham, there's a lot of history, but none quite as interesting as Avicia Thorpe who turned 110 years old Easter Sunday.

"I don't have any particular secret," Thorpe explained. "All along I've taken the best care of myself I can and the rest of it was in Gods hands. He had work for me to do. He kept me prepared for me to do my part."

Mrs. Thorpe was born April 16, 1908. Theodore Roosevelt was in office when she was born and she's seen 19 U.S. presidents take office in her lifetime. She remembers what life was like when she was young when indoor plumbing and electricity was only something the wealthy had in their houses and cars were a sight to see.

"A car, that was something to see!" Thorpe explained.

"I remember when I was very young a man that lived somewhere below us used to come through on his Model-T Ford and that was something to see, that man passing the house with his Model-T Ford!"

Mrs. Thorpe's husband was a preacher. He passed away in the 1960's.

They never had kids but Mrs. Thorpe taught English for 33 years in Virginia, so, she feels she had many children.

At the Stratford Rehabilitation Center in Danville where she lives, she recalls when other residents or their parents were her students.

When asked what her secret to a long life is she says there is no simple answer.

"I feel special, wonderful, blessed when I realize how God used me," Thorpe said. "I was used by him as I have been."
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