EXCLUSIVE: FDNY gets boy who impaled himself on handlebars a new bike

LAURELTON, Queens -- 9-year-old Tyreis Morris always wears his helmet when he rides his bike, but a helmet didn't protect him from what happened last Saturday.

The Queens boy impaled himself with his bicycle handlebars after taking a spill nearby his home in Laurelton.

"The next door neighbor Cathy said 'Donna, Tyreis, Tyreis, something happened to Tyreis!' I could not believe it," said Tyreis' mother, Donna Morris. "First of all I was very nervous, I wasn't sure if it was close to an artery or a vein."

Firefighters from Ladder 158, Engine 311 arrived within minutes. They were stunned not only to see the handlebar jammed in the boy's leg but also by his demeanor.

"He was cool as a cucumber," said firefighter Brian Martin. "He was very, very smooth. It was like he wasn't hurt or in pain at all."

"This was unique," added firefighter Bryan Lasala. "For the fact that he was calm as he was. Most of the time for something like this, people aren't as calm."

Tyreis' mother said the firefighters got all the instruments they could find.

"They couldn't find one, one wouldn't work," she said. "They went and got something else, another one wouldn't work and got something else. They did a beautiful job, a team effort. And everybody was pitching in and making him comfortable."

Tyreis ended up getting two stitches, but he also got a lot more than that.

"I come home on Tuesday, I see flashing lights, bike flashing lights," Tyreis said.

The firefighters decided since they hacked up his bike, they would buy him a new one. The FDNY going way beyond the call of duty.

"I think it's very much appreciated," said Tyreis' father, Carl Morris. "I think they're very generous, and they deserve a million dollars each."

If only he could make that happen.