Break-ins rampant at McDougald Terrace amid carbon monoxide threat, residents say

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- A new set of problems has come up for people at McDougald Terrace.

According to residents, more than 20 homes have been broken into while people are out of their homes staying in hotels because of the carbon monoxide threat.

"We've suffered enough," said Ashley Cannady, resident council president. "When I was out there, I saw a guy selling a resident's TV. Residents are coming home but the sad thing of it all is when they're coming they're going to need more help."


Cannady and others brought these concerns to Monday's Durham City Council meeting where they also told leaders they were grateful for the city's help throughout the process.

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Durham Mayor Steve Schewel said the break-ins are "unacceptable" and he's been in contact with the housing authority and the Durham Police Department to do something about them.

"I'm also proud to say that this city is showing who we really are as a family -- not as individuals but it takes a family to help each and everybody out," said Jontae Dunston, a McDougald Terrace advocate.

This meeting comes days after DHA announced only eight families were able to go back into their homes.

The majority of other people are facing more time in hotels as repairs continue.

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