Cary couples renew decades old commitment, vow to love

CARY (WTVD) -- Six strings strum the melody of love as a single guitarist brings a song to a nearly full room of couples and onlookers at Waltonwood Senior Living in Cary.

Fine china delicately is displayed on top of a cream colored tablecloth, on the center of the table sits a flower arrangement.

Around those tables are the stars of Wednesday's commitment ceremony.

More than a dozen couples ready to recommit their vows to their partners.

The romance vibrates the room, but the love is not new, nor in the unstable early stages.

Tom Johnson sits with his wife Cleta. His arm around her shoulders, she gently tucked to his side.

It's clear the two are still giddy and in love, despite their time together.

"64 years, been married 62!" Tom says.

When asked the secret to it all, Cleta chimes in, "Always say 'yes!'"

Across the dining room, sits Lu and Sandy Mazzu.

Lu speaks for both her and Sandy, "We're fortunate. We've had a beautiful life."

As the ceremony beings, the emcee reads from 1 Corinthians 13.

"Love is patient, love is kind. Love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast."

The secret of a long, happy marriage varies in the answer.

Jeanne Brunt, married 65 years to Alan, says "You have to accept the faults of each other."

David Arthurs married 58 years, answers the same question a little differently, "Say 'yes ma'am!'"
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