Chick-fil-A employee hailed as hero, helps AL woman, children caught in storm

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WTVD) -- An Alabama Chick-fil-A employee came to the rescue when a mother and her two young sons were stuck inside their car during a storm.

Ethan Brogdon, the fast food employee, said storms moved quickly into the Tennessee Valley on Saturday.

""We knew about the weather and how bad it was possibly going to get, but we weren't expecting it to happen as soon as it did," Brogdon said.

Lauren Langely said she and her sons were in their car outside the restaurant when the storm moved in. In a Facebook post, she said her car was shaking side-to-side and she could see multiple lightning strikes.

At that point, Brogdon ran outside and helped bring Langely and her sons into the restaurant to a safe space.

"She was so scared and wanted to get her kids to safety," Brogdon said.

Though many in the Guntersville community called Brogdon a hero, he said he only hopes others will be inspired by his good deed.

"I would hope that somebody would do something like that for me," Brogdon said.

In true Chick-fil-A fashion, Brogdon and his team let Langely and her kids have some food on the house while they waited out the storm.
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