E-Sports arena sets new USO center at Seymour Johnson apart from any other in the nation

GOLDSBORO, N.C. (WTVD) -- For Airman First Class Reiey Goris, the new USO center at Seymour Johnson will provide a much needed space for airmen to gather.

But what really makes it so special is the first of its kind e-sports arena.

"Me and my friends have been actually looking for a place like this, just hang out, games," Goris said.

Wargaming.net provided supplies for the room, which is unlike any other at USO centers around the world.

It's a concept the USO of North Carolina would like to bring to some of its other centers.

"We see a great interest from our young men and women in uniform of wanted to play e-games. They use it to socialize, they use it to connect. So we want to put his in all of our major centers across the state," said USO of NC CEO Jim Whaley.

And, like other USO centers around the state, the one at Seymour Johnson will provide military men and women a place to socialize, meet and find resources.

Tiwanda Griffin Greer retired from the Air Force last year and she's now a volunteer at the new USO.

She says, not only will it help her stay connected to the military community, but it will also provide a home away from home for thousands of airmen stationed there.

"It's a very social atmosphere, we try to make people welcome, make people feel at home," she said.

Torette Williams is the center's manager and, as a military spouse, she knows the space will offer more than fun and games for the troops.

It will serve as a true community hub that will bring together many aspects of base life.

"Helping out the airmen when there's a time of need," she said. "If there is any crisis the USO is available to provide more resources in conjunction with what we already have here at Seymour Johnson, from child care resources to grief therapy."
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