Fayetteville unites to replace stolen Cape Fear Valley gift cards

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FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WTVD) -- A mother and son who live in Fayetteville were moved to action after more than $1,000 in gift cards were stolen from the Cape Fear Valley Cancer Center.

"It tore a hole in my heart," said Donna Hendrix.

Hendrix was crushed at the thought of why anyone would think to steal from such a giving organization. She heard the news of the thefts and called her son asking him to donate three gift certificates. He agreed, but deep down knew he could do more.

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"I shot a couple text messages out," said her son, TJ Moore. "The girls over at Fusion salon and a Bit of Carolina responded. I thought, 'if it's that easy, I'll throw something on Facebook."

The efforts took off and received an overwhelming response from the Sandhills community and those living as far as Thailand. So far, he's collected $1,000 in cash and a host of gift certificates from local businesses.

"We decided to give eyebrow waxes or shampoo cut styles. Anything we could write on the gift certificate to help out," said Stacie Jackson with Fusion Salon.

The donations collected will be given back to the Cape Fear Valley Cancer Center and used for whatever the patients. It's a movement that's proved that the community will always come together to help others.

"Fayetteville gets a pretty bad rap as a city, but I think it's safe to say Fayetteville bounced back today," Moore said.
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