The Flower Shuttle turns flowers that would be thrown out into arrangements for those in need

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Each Tuesday morning, dozens of volunteers head to the Fellowship Hall of Raleigh Moravian Church and the room turns into a makeshift flower factory.

"We start at 10 a.m. and it's organized chaos," explained Flower Shuttle President Katherine McVey.

"People come in, they know what to do, they set everything up they break down the flowers they make the arrangements and they're out the door by 11:30. It's an amazing feat.

"Basically, we recycle flowers for people who don't normally get flowers in our community. We feel like we've got a really positive vibe that is reverberating around the community," McVey said.

The ministry has a goal of making 350 arrangements a week. It started in 2006 after church member Kathy Reese read an article in Oprah Magazine about a similar program in another city. The article planted the seed for Reese to start The Flower Shuttle in Raleigh. Raleigh Moravian Church gave $700 in seed money to start the outreach and continues to support the ministry.

Today, more than 100 volunteers help to keep the Flower Shuttle blooming. Flowers are donated from about two dozen businesses in the community including florists, grocery stores, funeral homes and wedding venues. The arrangements are delivered to those in need.

"So, they're going to hospice units, hospitals, and nursing homes," McVey said.

"Even if you're not being blessed by the flowers, coming here on a Tuesday morning gives a lot of people something that's very meaningful in their life to do," McVey added.

"Not every city has this mission so we're very lucky to have it and we want it to continue for a very long time."

The Flower Shuttle is always looking for volunteers especially on the Administrative Team.
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