Fort Bragg officials brief soldiers, families in the event of another deployment

FORT BRAGG, N.C. (WTVD) -- On Friday morning, Fort Bragg officials briefed soldiers and families as the 82nd Airborne Division Commander ordered all units to the highest state of readiness should President Trump call these soldiers to be deployed.

ABC11 was granted an inside look at the support system standing behind Fort Bragg soldiers who deployed overseas and the ongoing tensions in Iran.

"It scares me, but I believe in the team he has. I believe in the commander," said Keiauna Morrows, whose husband is a Fort Bragg soldier. "Very much at ease after the briefing. It brought my stress levels down to know the support is there."

The briefing offered support like money management, mental health and overall care for spouses as their soldiers remain focused on the mission ahead. The paratroopers in the 82nd Sustainment Brigade provide support to the warfighter.

"They make sure postal operations are sustained for units to communicate with one another be it up and down the chain of command," said LTC Michelle Schaumburg, the 82nd STB Commander.

These resources are helpful when these soldiers get the call. It puts them at ease knowing their loved one is supported back home.

"We're all one even though I don't wear the uniform. I'm still apart of the team," said Morrow.

These types of briefings are standard for soldiers preparing for deployment.
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