Bill seeks to make Moravian cookies the state cookie of North Carolina

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Two things Democrats and Republicans appear to agree on in North Carolina are cookies and battleships.

Three Republicans and two Democrats in North Carolina have sponsored a bill to make Moravian cookies the official state cookie and the USS North Carolina the official state ship.

House Bill 394 was filed March 19 in the General Assembly.

The bill states Moravian cookies should be honored due to their cultural significance (and deliciousness).

Moravian cookies are one of the most popular treats in the Tar Heel state. They date back to when Moravians settled in Salem, North Carolina, (now Winston-Salem) in the 1700s.

"It is fitting to recognize the positive impact the Moravians have had on the State's culture by adopting the Moravian cookie as the official cookie of the State of North Carolina," the bill reads.

As for the USS North Carolina, it was commissioned April 9, 1941, and it served admirably during World War II.

The ship earned 15 battle stars after participating in every major naval offensive in the Pacific War.

The USS North Carolina is now a registered national historic landmark. It's also a museum and memorial to WWII veterans open to the public in Wilmington.

Tourism related to the USS North Carolina brings in $1.5-3.5 million every year, and the ship employs 3,500 people in New Hanover County.
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