'I always think what if?' California mother credits car seat safety class with saving her kids' lives

FRESNO, Calif. -- Jessica Martinez is a no-nonsense type of mother.

She's gone to several car-seat demonstration classes since her kids were born, and she now believes those classes saved her children's lives.

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"To me, it is a big deal because I travel a lot. I'm mostly on the road every day," she said.

Jessica recently bought a new car seat for her daughter. But the little girl kept finding ways to slip out of her harness.

Last Saturday, Jessica decided it was best to switch back to the original seat.

"I always think what if? That's exactly what happened that morning, what if?" she said.

As Jessica was nearing a curve on Tozer Road on Saturday, she lost control of her van.

Her car rolled into a field and landed on its roof. Her two kids didn't suffer a scratch.

"Thank goodness I'm alive, I'm here to tell a story. Hopefully, my story will help someone else," Martinez said.

The national average for car seat misuse is over 70 percent.

For Jessica, the hours and patience have been well worth the time.
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