North Carolina National Guard lends a helping hand

A chaplain's mission is service to others, especially members of the military who may need counseling or prayer. But on Saturday, Major Melissa Culbreth became the recipient of loving support from members of the North Carolina National Guard.

Major Culbreth, who is battling breast cancer, told Eyewitness News, "I've had medical stuff consistently going on since April of last year, and things just slowly deteriorated because I don't have the energy or the brain power to catch everything."

So members of the Guard, like Sergeant 1st Class Danille Csolak stepped up in a big way, with maintenance of the major's yard.

"I mowed a lawn for the first time in my life today," said Sgt. Csolak. "It's something I've never had the pleasure of doing, and she taught me real quick how to do it, and I got to mowin'!"

"Part of our objective is to come out here and help maintain property so she can be at ease with that and be able to rest, have quality of life instead of having to worry about everything all the time," said Guardsman Jeffrey David Parker.

Major Chapman really appreciates the assist.

"Being a chaplain, I get to help take care of the best people. Then when I needed them, everybody stepped up to help take care of me," Chapman said.

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