'No Catcalling' signs popping up around New York City

NEW YORK -- There's a new campaign to end the harassment of women in the Big Apple.

Signs are popping up in the New York City, saying things like "No catcalling anytime" and "No catcalling zone."

They're being put up by the non-profit clothing company Feminist Apparel and a feminist group based in Philadelphia.

The nonprofit "Hollaback!" says the signs carry an important message.

"Street harassment is something that has been normalized over time, and when we talk about street harassment we're talking about verbal harassment and catcalling, but also non-verbal gestures. The signs are a very interesting way to approach the subject, public art is really important in raising awareness," said Debjani Roy, the deputy director of Hollaback!

More than 50 signs are already up and they're planning to have them in every New York borough by the end of the week.

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