Raleigh dating coach: Bumble, OkCupid are the best apps for finding love in the Triangle

More people are turning to online dating to find love and that's certainly the case in the Triangle.

"It seems like we're not good at asking people out in person anymore," Raleigh-based dating coach Deb Besinger said. "We're afraid or we just have a more mobile society."

A survey by the Pew Research Center said 15 percent of U.S. adults have used online dating sites or apps.

Besinger met with the ABC11 team at Pourworks in Raleigh to give suggestions for online dating.

She recommends starting with OKCupid and Bumble if you're dating in the Triangle because there is a large pool of people using those sites in our area.

She said it's important to spend time choosing your profile picture.

"The best picture for the main one is a closeup, smiling and you always want a full-length picture in there somewhere," she said.

Besinger recommends writing descriptive sentences in your profile.

"Instead of saying, 'I love to travel,' talk about where you traveled last, where you are going to go next, instead of just saying simple sentences. People really respond to how you make them feel."

She suggests listing values important to you instead of just listing hobbies you enjoy.

For more tips on how to amp up a dating profile, visit Besinger's website.
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