Oscar-winning animated short film "Hair Love" resonating with Triangle dads

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- On Wednesday, just before 8 a.m, Michael Scott's living room becomes a mini hair salon.

While his daughter's mom is at work, Scott is home in Durham fixing 5-year-old Kylie's natural hair.

"It's just me and her and I gotta get this hair done before we go to school," Scott said.

Scott is on hair duty. He says it's a 45-minute task that first begins the night before. He detangles Kylie's kinky coils for today's up-doo.

"Whoever said these brushes were pain-free never dealt with a 5-year-old," Scott laughed. "I'm an afro puff guy. I can do a couple of afro puffs. I might get fancy and do a twist in the back."

He learned by watching his sisters and nieces.

This real-life moment between Scott and Kylie is reflected in the New York Times Bestselling book "Hair Love," which also won an Oscar for Animated Short-Film on Sunday.

Written and directed by Matthew A. Cherry, award-winning animation is putting black hair and fathers in the spotlight. Hair Love highlights the journey and bond between a father and his daughter as he learns to style her natural hair.

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Scott's daughter, Kylie, said she likes the character's hair in the film, "It's pretty."

"There's a lot going on with African Americans and their hair-in schools and workplaces-where natural hair is being policed," Scott said. "You gotta love your hair. However it looks-however it comes out of your head. That's the way it is."

He is proud of the film's recognition and the message it sends about black fathers to the world: "We take care of our daughters."
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