#HobbyLobbyChallenge: Pictures go viral after photo shoot inside craft store

CINCINNATI, Ohio -- You may not imagine an arts and craft store as a go-to spot for a photo shoot, but then you probably haven't met Adam Delane.

The photographer in Cincinnati recently took models to Hobby Lobby and captured them posing in the aisles with fake flowers and leaves in a photo shoot that has now become viral.

Delane said he has used unconventional backdrops for shoots before including the inside of a parking garage and even a dump.

He decided to give Hobby Lobby a try after being inspired by another photographer who took pictures in the store for an "ugly location challenge."

"It gave me the idea to take models into a Hobby Lobby and do a full shoot, then edit the photos to make it look like they were outside in a flower garden sunset," Delane explained.

The original post featuring the photos has been shared more than 330,000 times on Facebook.
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