Raleigh wedding planner reveals wedding trends for 2020

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Triangle wedding planner Erin McLean, owner of McLean Events, has been in the wedding industry for thirteen years.

She's seen a lot of trends over the years but said one that has always stood the test of time has been personalization.

"I definitely think personalization is always going to be a thing," McLean said. "It's your wedding, it should be personal to you. So, I think that with the rise of Pinterest and Etsy and all these great sources they're wanting to find items that really represent the two of them. So, if it's like a sketch of their dog on a drink stirrer--which we've done before--or things like that are really personal to them, I definitely think that's always going to be here."

Personalization is key for couples this year as the 2020 wedding season gets underway. McLean said a few trends she has seen are bold colors, after parties, and mixologists.

"I'm definitely seeing that the clients don't want the parties to end," she said. "I think a lot of couples are waiting until they're a bit older to get married, they've been together longer and they're ready to throw a good party and they know what they want as well."

Etsy recently revealed their 2020 wedding trends and found many couples are throwing tradition out the window with 70s inspired searches up 18 percent in the last six months compared to the same time the previous year. Etsy also found non-traditional wedding parties including bridesmen and best women, bridal pantsuits, vintage rings and wellness favors on the rise. The e-commerce site which is focused on handmade or vintage items listing inclusivity, sustainability, and individuality as top themes.

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McLean said,"Our couples are being more socially conscious. Where, it's not that they're not spending money on their wedding, but they're trying to be intentional about where they're spending it."

McLean said couples are putting a big focus on creating an experience for wedding guests. "They're wanting to have say, a Friday welcome party, or early morning yoga sessions or even 5Ks with their guests," she said. "And, then having farewell breakfasts the next day. So, it's really a whole weekend for them."

No matter what's trending, McLean said she always offers one piece of advice for couples planning a wedding.

"My absolute first piece of advice is number one, this is supposed to be a celebration," McLean said. "The whole planning should be fun. It's really easy to get caught up in the details and the stress of all of that. Really decide what you want guests to say when they leave your wedding weekend and focus on that and work backwards. So, if you want it to be like a 'wow' over the top gorgeous reception, that's great. Or, if you want it to be an awesome party they've been to that's great. Just don't get so caught up on the little details because all of that will fall into place."

McLean said when it comes to stretching your dollar for a wedding, being intentional is key. "For example, when choosing centerpieces for your reception, let's choose four really amazing centerpieces that are the focal point for everyone's eye and the rest we can supplement with candles," McLean said. "So, finding intentional things throughout your wedding that make an impact."

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