Rebuilding Fayetteville residents getting helping hand from Manna Church volunteers

FAYETTEVILLE, North Carolina (WTVD) -- There is still work to be done in Fayetteville's Hollywood Heights neighborhood. The recovering from Hurricane Matthew has been a struggle for some.

"We need painting done, we need, there was lots of rain and mildew, some of the wood is torn off, a lot of things need to be done," said Tracey Ray, a resident. "We could use some help."

On Saturday, Ray and his neighbors will get a helping hand, from Manna Church volunteers.

"I think it's the responsibility of the church not just to have people come inside the walls, but to get outside the walls into the community and make the community a better place to live," said Pastor Michael Fletcher of Manna Church.

And that's what more than 170 volunteers will do - serve others and bring a little light and joy into lives here as well.

On Saturday, Manna volunteers will set up their operation base at Hollywood Heights Park, then fan out to help residents. Manna is one of hundreds of churches nationwide who are working Saturday helping others.

As in the past, volunteers will be using their elbow grease for yard work, minor repairs, and even mobile car washes.

They'll also sponsor a block party with entertainment for the kids, as well as a cookout for residents and lots of fellowship.

Their goal is to help families and lift residents' spirits. The church says anyone is welcome to come volunteer Saturday.

With smiles and helping hands, Manna volunteers hope to raise residents' quality of life.

"It's a great neighborhood, with great people that need a turn-around, and I think we can make that happen," Fletcher said.
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