Valentine's Day by the numbers: How much we'll spend to express our love

In 2018, we're projected to spend a whopping $19.6 billion to express our love on Valentine's Day, according to an estimate from WalletHub. Each person celebrating will spend an average of $143.56.

But if you're still stumped about how to spoil your sweetie with the $143.56 that you're likely to spend individually, know that you can't go wrong with candy or chocolate, which more than 90 percent of Americans hope to receive. More than half of celebrators told WalletHub that they plan to purchase candy, and they're expected to funnel $1.8 billion into confectioners' pockets. The 36 percent of people planning to buy flowers will spend $2 billion, and the 19 percent buying jewelry will drop a cool $4.7 billion.

If you're thinking of skipping a gift altogether, you might want to think again. The majority of women said they would end it if their partner didn't get them a gift. You'd also find yourself among the only 10 percent of people in a relationship who aren't planning to buy a gift for their partner.

Valentine's Day could be the perfect opportunity to take your relationship to the next level. There will be more than 9 million proposals this year, and more than a million Facebook users will change their relationship status within four days of the holiday.

Of course, not celebrating the holiday is a completely legitimate option, and 45 percent of adults said they are taking that route.
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