Vince Lombardi sweater worth $20,000 found in North Carolina Goodwill clothes pile

ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- The Super Bowl trophy is named after him, and a now, a North Carolina couple has a sweater owned by legendary coach Vince Lombardi that they bought at a Goodwill store.

On Saturday, organizers will auction off the sweater that could sell for more than $20,000, ABC affiliate WLOS-TV reports.

Sean and Rikki McEvoy were shopping at the Goodwill store last June and bought the sweater for $0.58. It wasn't until just a few weeks ago they realized what a steal it really was.

"I was watching a Vince Lombardi documentary and I said to my wife, 'We have a sweater just like that,'" Sean McEvoy said. "'Wouldn't it be great if it was actually Vince Lombardi's?'"

Rikki then checked the tag inside the sweater.

"She said 'I think it's that guy, Lombardi,'" McEvoy said. "My heart kind of sank into my stomach a bit."

The couple had it authenticated, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame wanted them to donate the sweater. They refused and are now having it auctioned off in Dallas on Saturday.

Lombardi won five national championships and two Super Bowls for the Green Bay Packers before ending his career in Washington.

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