You may have seen this new brick art in Cary. Here's what it symbolizes

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Many people are wondering about the artwork going up outside the new Brickyard development under construction on NC 55 Hwy and Mahal Avenue in Cary.

"It just looks like two men," said Anastasia Hulet, of Morrisville. "It looks like they're holding it upwards, kind of reaching towards the sky. Maybe they're building something upwards."

"It think it's just beautiful," said Minxu Zou, of Cary, who added that she drives by it every day.

"To me, it kind of depicts how Cary's grown and there's always building going on and there's always something going up, new communities, new buildings," said Kris Loomis.

But some people on social media initially wondered if it was a statement about the border wall controversy. The artwork includes a brick wall and two men, who appear to be climbing it.

The artist said there's no connection.

"It looks like perhaps the men are climbing on the wall or hanging on the wall," said sculptor Brad Spencer. "It's not clear that they're actually constructing it."

Spencer added, "I think it's just unclear what's happening now because we're not finished."

Like the artwork, the Brickyard is still under construction. It will include energy-efficient homes.

Spencer has created other brick sculptures displayed on the Black Creek Greenway in Cary.

He said the new piece outside the Brickyard is a nod to the history of the brick manufacturing site that used to be on the property.

He also sees it as a way to honor brick masons and the working class. "It's something that may make people think about how things get there," Spencer said. "There's a lot of work involved and all kinds of weather conditions for all the people that are in construction."

Cary's Public Art Advisory Board approved Spencer's project in April of last year, according to a spokeswoman for the town. Spencer said he hopes to be done with the project in a few weeks.

"The working man doesn't get many accolades I don't think," Spencer said. "This certainly seems to be an opportunity to do that."

That's an opinion that's not dividing people.

"It signifies hard-working men and women, bricklayers, just people that have built our community," said Andrea Petkau, of Cary.

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