'(He) pulled out a gun on me and my husband shot him:' Fayetteville woman calls 911 in panic after her husband shoots would-be robber

FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WTVD) -- Recently released 911 calls are shedding light on the moment a Fayetteville soldier's wife was held at gunpoint, causing him to shoot the would-be robber dead.

The incident happened around 10 Tuesday evening in the 7500 block of Netherland Drive.

Rebekah Quema, 45, said a man held her at gunpoint, saying he was going to take all of her money.

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In a 911 call released Friday, Quema told the 911 dispatcher a man - later identified as 51-year-old Jerome A. Allen - approached her, saying he was looking for a girl named Jasmine.

"This guy, he comes to me, he says, 'I'm looking for a girl named Jasmine," Quema explained. "... And then he stopped right in front of me and said, 'Do you have an extra cigarette?' And I handed him an extra cigarette and then pulled out a gun on me."

The woman continued, claiming that Allen pushed her toward the apartment, demanding "all of her money."

That's when Quema said her husband, Fort Bragg soldier Dario Miranda, hear what happened and went for his gun.

"(Allen) pulled out a gun on me and my husband shot him," Quema told the dispatcher with panic in her voice.

Donna Quiles, the property manager, said the apartment community has many military members among its residents.

"Military people around here, they're gonna have guns," Quiles said. "You can't just go knock on a door and expect not to be met with a gun when you know that the military live here. And I support anybody who carries a gun to protect themselves."

No charges have been filed during the homicide investigation.
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