Teammates help student with special needs score his first touchdown

TAMPA, Florida -- A student in Florida with special needs got a chance to achieve success on the football field, with a helping hand from his teammates.

Gavin Lambert has a neuromuscular disorder that is robbing him of his ability to walk, talk, see and hear.

He never thought he would be able to score a touchdown, but his teammates in Tampa helped him cross the goal line.

His friendship with the entire football team started at the beginning of the school year, when the other players decided to welcome him onto the roster.

"All of these kids that are standing here, they didn't have to do this," said Gavin. "They didn't have to, they wanted to and they did that because they felt bad that I couldn't do what they're doing right now."

Gavin says he's also a big basketball fan, and hopes to join the basketball team once he gets into high school.
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