Raleigh subdivision concerned about speeding drivers

RALEIGH, North Carolina (WTVD) -- Raleigh neighbors are concerned about drivers going too fast in a subdivision near Capital Boulevard.

Frances Adigwe lives in the Park at Perry Creek subdivision. She's not a fan of the traffic in the area -- especially on Neuse Wood Drive.

"It's scary," Adigwe said.

How scary? She gets uptight just walking to the mailbox: "I'm really scared. Apprehensive."

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The mother of two blames driver impatience and speeding. Because of those factors. Adigwe won't allow her children to play in the yard.

Neuse Wood Drive connects with Wild Wood Forest Drive. It's a busy intersection near Wildwood Forest Elementary School.

Parents told ABC11 a second school-crossing guard is needed in the area because drivers ignore the crosswalk.

"I don't trust my son by himself," said one mom, who did not want to be identified. "I'm just afraid he's going to get hit."

Neighbors can share their concerns with the city by filling out an application. The form is part of the City's neighborhood traffic calming program. The project aims to help the monitor and manage traffic volume and speeds.


The site lists dozens of minor and major "traffic calming" projects. But the list is not current and was last updated in 2014.

Neuse Wood Drive is not listed.

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