All England Club follows Churchill Downs with ban on selfie sticks

LONDON -- Tennis fans going to Wimbledon this year can leave their selfie sticks at home.

The Grand Slam tennis tournament has become the latest sporting event to ban the use of the devices, with organizers calling them a "nuisance.''

The All England Club says the decision was made so that selfie sticks don't "interfere with spectators' enjoyment'' during the June 29-July 12 championships.

Selfie sticks are common sights at sports and music venues around the world, as fans use the pole-like device to grasp smartphones and snap self-portraits.

Churchill Downs, which stages the Kentucky Derby, announced this month that selfie sticks were banned for the May 2 race.

A Wimbledon ticket holders' guide says "in common with many other major sports and entertainment events and cultural attractions, The Championships will not allow selfie sticks into the grounds.''

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All England Club bans selfie sticks during Wimbledon
All England Club bans selfie sticks during Wimbledon senior writer Howard Bryant discusses the All England Club's decision to ban the use of selfie sticks during Wimbledon, calling them a "nuisance."

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