Boston radio host hangs up on Canes writer over Southern accent

BOSTON (WTVD) -- A Boston sports radio host for WBZ-FM hung up on Chip Alexander of the News and Observer on Tuesday morning, purportedly because of his Southern accent.

The station had Alexander, a longtime Hurricanes beat writer, on as a guest to talk ahead of the Eastern Conference Final matchup between Carolina and Boston.

The host said he was fed up with Alexander's Southern accent.

"He had a Southern accent. I can't take it. Hockey and Southern accents," said Fred Toucher, as his co-host seemed stunned by Toucher's action.

Alexander thought nothing of it, he thought the call had just been disconnected.

He later found out from a social media uproar that he had been hung up on.

"Nobody likes to be hung up on," Alexander told ABC11. "And to be honest with you, when I found out what the guy had said about the Southern accent, I was a little offended, I mean there's no doubt about it.

Alexander also pointed out that many radio hosts like having someone with a distinct Southern accent on the show. He also said he didn't want this incident to be overblown.
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