Canes vs. Bruins means Raleigh vs. Boston

Tonight, the puck drops at PNC Arena in game three of the Stanley Cup playoffs and the Canes look to pick up their first win in the series against the Boston Bruins.

Boston is cool and all, but y'all, it's not Raleigh!

I mean, Bridget Condon had to wear a winter coat to cover the last two games in Boston -- and it's practically June!

Boston may be older (it was founded in 1630) but Raleigh, founded in 1792, is much cooler.

Boston may have Oysters and seafood, but Raleigh has BBQ. (I might also add we have a coastline and DELICIOUS seafood, but we're not keeping score here).

Boston is the stage for the hit tv show "Cheers", but you can't stroll down Mayberry unless you're in the Tar Heel State.

Boston has prestigious colleges like MIT and Harvard, but who can recall recent national titles?

Boston might be home to Dunkin Donuts, but it's not Krispy Kreme.

James Taylor wrote about Boston. But guess what? He also wrote about Carolina. (Remember 'Carolina In My Mind'?)

One more difference: Boston may be up two games to zip over the Canes, but they aren't undefeated this postseason at home and tonight they take on a team who is.
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