Cardale Jones fires back at Ohio State fan on Twitter

ByAustin Ward ESPN logo
Friday, July 24, 2015

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Cardale Jones still isn't filtering his thoughts, and the Ohio State quarterback also isn't taking kindly to anybody suggesting that he should.

After going on Twitter to express his feelings about social issues Thursday morning, Jones was clearly bothered by a suggestion he should "worry about getting us fans another championship" instead of weighing in on the topic. In reply, Jones tweeted:

Jones, who has 214,000 followers on Twitter, has never been shy about using social media to provide an open book into his life and career with the Buckeyes, starting with his infamous post about not coming to campus to "play school" when he was a true freshman in 2012.

Since that point, the championship winner has grown a huge following thanks to his quick humor and a willingness to speak his mind about everything from the NBA, his daughter and the world around him. He's also not opposed to trading barbs with fans or his critics, and after once being criticized for focusing too much on football instead of school, the latest spotlight on his Twitter account was kicked off by a suggestion that football should be the only thing on his mind.

Jones might have one less issue on his mind once practices get underway, as one of last year's fellow quarterbacks, senior Braxton Miller, told Sports Illustrated Thursday that he will bow out of the Buckeyes' three-man quarterback competition and insteadfocus on playing wide receiver in his final season of eligibility.

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