Dramatic video captures bike rider crashing into a deer

While riding on a road outside of San Francisco, a bicyclist crashed into a deer at full speed. Watch video of his bike-cam capturing the whole event below.

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With a Fly6 video camera mounted onto the handlebars of his bicycle, Silas Patlove was traveling down Alexander Ave in Sausalito, Calif. when a deer jumped over the roadside guardrail, directly in front of him.

Patlove had no time to react before crashing his bike into the animal, which caused him to flip into the air, and onto the road. The camera was knocked clean off the bike, and continued to record as Patlove fell out of sight.

Though Patlove says he suffered a mild concussion, and some memory loss, the rider credited his Giro helmet for saving his life. Local passersby stopped to help.

"I am very grateful to have escaped feeling only a little banged up," wrote Patlove. "I cannot speak to the deer's injuries."

Back in September, a pair of deer wandered onto the Golden Gate bridge, bringing evening traffic to a screeching halt.

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