Eric Dickerson: 'Good meeting' with Rams executive, still won't attend games if Jeff Fisher is coach

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Eric Dickerson said he recently met with Los Angeles Rams executive vice president of football operations/COO Kevin Demoff about the situation between the Hall of Fame running back and coach Jeff Fisher.

"I had a very good meeting with Kevin Demoff [on Thursday]," Dickerson said Friday on SportsCenter. "We talked for almost three hours, trying to resolve things. ... The conversation went well. I think we got some things resolved. He said, 'You're always part of the organization.'"

Dickerson's meeting came after a public spat with Fisher. Dickerson revealed earlier this week that Fisher, in a phone conversation, essentially told the former Rams star that he didn't want him on the sideline during games because some of his public comments have made players "uncomfortable."

According to Dickerson, Fisher later backtracked in that conversation after Dickerson defended his right to speak out. But Dickerson said he vowed to Fisher that he would never go to a Rams game as long as Fisher is the team's coach.

Dickerson said Friday he hasn't changed his stance, despite the positive meeting with Demoff.

"One thing with me: If I say something, I stand by it," Dickerson said. "I will not go back to the games as long as Jeff Fisher is there. ... I don't have a vendetta against Jeff at all. I give Demoff credit for saying, 'We want to try to get this issue straightened out. We want you to come back. ... You're more than welcome to come back.'

"But no, I won't because I felt like the call to me was a very disrespectful call. It was like I'm a kid and he's putting me on notice."

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