Former UNC softball player now has passion for CrossFit

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A former UNC softball player, Whitney Gelin was looking for a way to remain competitive.

After graduating from the University of North Carolina, coaching softball was her chosen career path. Then a late night session of TV changed everything for Whitney Gelin.

"I actually said, 'hey I want to be one of those girls one day on ESPN.' And so I found the local gym and I started going to CrossFit in Greensboro," Gelin said. "I sure as heck caught the bug six months after I started going to CrossFit and wanted to compete after that."

A former UNC softball player, Gelin was looking for a way to remain competitive.

Along came CrossFit.

It's an intensely expanded use of her athleticism. That softball experience has come in handy.

"In 2015, when I was in the CrossFit Games, I slid into the finish line and just edged someone out by just a little bit," Gelin said. "And so we joke, that's the only thing that softball did for me but, I think the biggest thing is that playing a collegiate sport gives you that mental fortitude to keep pushing through. I'm very lucky to have had the opportunity."

This is Gelin's second crack at the CrossFit Games. After a top 20-finish two years ago, she's aspiring to reach new heights.

"I'm trying to work to be a ninja. A little, tiny ninja," Gelin said. "But I have to say I excel at some of the odd-objects stuff, like picking up sandbags and stuff like that."

Once head over heels for softball, Gelin is now sandbag over shoulder in love with CrossFit.
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