Must-See Videos: Donkey basketball for a great cause


Four-on-four basketball took on a new meaning this weekend in Tennessee when donkeys from North Carolina took to the court.

The only real rule in the game was that the players had to be holding on to the donkey to have possession of the ball.

But it certainly seemed like the donkeys were calling the shots - with the players spending much of the game pushing and pulling the animals around the court.

It may seem like an odd concept, but it's all for a good cause. The competition raises money to help feed children in the area.


Crowds gathered at the Vatican this weekend to release balloons as a symbol of peace. A couple of children got to do the honors alongside the Pope.

Traditionally, doves are released. But that turned into a disaster last year when the doves were attacked by a seagull and a crow shortly after they flew out of the window.

So this year, balloons were used instead to acknowledge efforts for peace worldwide.


It sounds like the folks up north could use a little help shoveling snow this week and a group of college students may be able to help.

They're competing to see who can create the best robotic snowplows in the Autonomous Snowplow Contest in Minneapolis.

Like any competition, bragging rights are on the line, but the students say they know they may be paving a new path for the future of snow removal.


The Grovetown, Georgia jail has started making male inmates wear pink.

A police sergeant said he's heard from inmates that they already hate the color and never want to come back. And, that's exactly what jail officials were hoping they would hear.

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