The Quaran-Hole Challenge: How your cornhole trickshot can help raise money for cancer research

Honing stay-at-home skills for some involves cornhole. If you've got a trick shot perfected or even if you're still working on it, there's a way to put any shot to good use for charity. All you need is your phone and the hashtag -- #trickshotsforgood.

The American Cornhole League (ACL) is partnering up to help cancer survivors.

"So essentially what we put together is this program that we're calling 'Quaran-hole'. A little bit of play on the quarantine aspect of it," says Trey Ryder who provides analysis on the ACL broadcasts.

For every trick shot posted with the hashtag #trickshotsforgood, Johnsonville, a Wisconsin based Sausage company, will donate $1 to the V Foundation, a program organized for cancer research, in the name of the Robin Roberts Cancer Thrivership Fund.

"It doesn't even have to be cornhole related if you're a basketball player and you want to show us your best basketball trick shot that works too."

Johnsonville is committed to giving up to $100,000 to the V Foundation. VP of Communications and Public Affairs Sherrie Mazur says they've already awarded more than $6M into the fund.

"The Thrivership Fund looks into the long-term health complications of cancer survivors and explores turning those survivors into thrivers."

One of those is ACL pro-Eric Ryder who happens to be Trey's dad.

"He has esophageal cancer and is in remission now so it's been a rollercoaster of a year and a half but, he's really active in this he's really excited to kick this off. We've got a lot of passionate players and this is an opportunity for everybody to give back."

Creativity certainly counts and if you've been dreaming of getting on ESPN, now's your chance.

"Every week, we are going to take some the best trick shots of the week and we are going to feature them on the ESPN broadcast so the draw of the charity aspect and wanting to give back and see that donation is going to be there motivation but I know there is going to be some really competitive people out there who want to get their shot on ESPN."

The ACL is working toward its Pro Invitational Tournament to be held over the 4th of July weekend. Eight teams will qualify over the next month on the ESPN family of networks.
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