Raleigh runner continues to prepare for Boston Marathon despite delays

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- People all over the world train to compete in the Boston marathon but for the first time in its 124-year history, the marathon won't be happening in April. Instead, due to COVID-19, runners will have to wait until September.

Kasey Briggs originally started running when she was a kid to get faster at soccer, she then went on to run at UNC Ashville and has always had the Boston Marathon in her sights.

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"It's kind of that dreamland that," she said. "When you think of a Marathon you think of Boston, maybe New York or something like that but Boston just has a special feel. It always has but then I think with the bombing several years ago I think there's an extra level of heart, I want to be there I want to do Boston."

Briggs has done seven half-marathons including the Wilmington half in December, which she won.

She's done one full marathon, in Savannah, in November 2018 which qualified her for Boston.

"People talk about this Boston race and they talk about it and it's almost something you can't describe," said Briggs. "I'm just yearning for something like that."

Briggs spent two months training and just five weeks before the race was supposed to happen ... she found out it would be postponed due to coronavirus concerns.


"I think they canceled on Thursday and on Friday I had 24 miles scheduled," she said. "I was already nervous. I didn't end up doing it because there wasn't a point. My initial reaction was great sadness. I was in the heart of training and it definitely was a bummer but they never used the word canceled they said postponed so I knew I would have the opportunity."

Right now, Briggs is maintaining her fitness cutting back mileage and will restart full marathon training in June and knows it will feel just as sweet crossing the finish line come September.

"I had tears after my first marathon and I can't imagine what it will feel like with all the people screaming," she said. "I know my family is going. It's just going to be, oh I can't wait. I've already got chills."
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