Super Bowl watch parties happening around the Triangle

Sports bars all over the Triangle are gearing up for crowds on Super Bowl Sunday. In some spots, the party has already been going on for hours.

The watch party for Patriots fans at the Backyard Bistro in Raleigh started at 3:30 on Sunday. They have games of corn hole and inflatables for kids of all sizes.

"It's an inflatable football toss see how good you are with your arm," said Christina Serafino, who helped organize the party at the Backyard Bistro.

There was even a lesson in football deflation stemming from the controversy surrounding the Patriots-Colts game.

"We've got one football that's inflated properly, to 12.5 PSI, we've got the other that's deflated to what the rumors were with was 10.5 PSI," said Sean Bunn, unofficial ball expert.

Less than half of the people at that watch party guessed which football was properly inflated.

When Eyewitness News reporter Angelica Alvarez gave it a try, the unofficial ball expert said, "you actually got it right!"

The Super Bowl is about more than just the proper ball inflation. Many would argue the party's main focus is the food. The amount of snacks for just one party is impressive.

"We're going to go through probably 12,000 chicken wings, 25 gallons of chili, 20 gallons of clam chowder, 100 feet in subs," said Joe Lumbrazro, one of the owners of the Backyard Bistro.

The game starts at 6:30, and Eyewitness News would love to see pictures from your watch parties. Use the hashtag #SuperBowlXLIX to see your pictures on

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