UNC faces offensive challenge this season

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Friday, July 14, 2017

CHARLOTTE (WTVD) -- By Larry Fedora's count - he's spent the last 18 years running the same offensive system. He obviously thinks it works and the results bear that out. Is the system so good that you can plug in entirely new pieces and still keep humming? That's the question I asked Larry today. His answer? "We'll find out."

Fed said he's never faced a challenge quite like the one he faces on the offensive side of the ball this season. New QB, only 1 RB that registered a carry last year (former Southern Durham star Jordon Brown), and all his playmaking receivers moved on (Fedora mentioned Juval Mollette and Brandon Fritts as guys to watch). He'll freely admit that the most pressing question that needs answering is at quarterback. It's a wide open competition, but of the 4 choices, you have believe it comes down to either Nathan Elliott or grad transfer Brandon Harris. Here's Larry breaking down the pros and cons of each QB candidate:

Which guy will win the job? Whoever's best at demonstrating a 'QB presence', takes care of the ball and moves the sticks.

With so much uncertainty on the offensive side of the ball (and frankly, in special teams too) the defense will be counted on. Fedora said he wouldn't be surprised to see the LBs, led by Andre Smith, become the standout position group of the unit. Cornerback MJ Stewart told us he's tried to take on a leadership role, encouraging young teammates to join him in the gym. He also spoke of the need to create "game-changing" plays on defense, something the Heels struggled mightily to do last year.

It all adds up to an intriguing fall camp. BTW - if you hankering for a snack, MJ Stewart's house is the place to go:

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