UNC finalizing new contract for Roy Williams after NCAA notice

CHAPEL HILL (WTVD) -- The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill is showing signs of faith in its most recognizable leader amid the NCAA's "notice of allegations" against the university.

UNC is working on a new contract deal for head basketball coach Roy Williams. The news of a new contract comes just one day after the notice of allegations went public.

The NCAA accused UNC of five violations, but Roy Williams was not named in any of them.

InsideCarolina.com reports that the UNC Board of Trustees is in the process of approving a new contract for Williams, but details of the contract have not been released.

Williams is currently under contract until 2018 with a base salary around $333,000. But, his endorsements put him in the $1.3-$1.6 million range, conservatively.

It's unclear how long the Board of Trustees has had the new contract, so the timing may or may not be coincidental.

It could also be a big vote of confidence from the University coming off the notice of allegations.

Williams said he was saddened by the notice and hopes UNC will never again receive such a notice.

"Everyone who loves Carolina is truly saddened by these allegations," Williams said Thursday in a statement released by the school. "We aspire to and work toward meeting higher standards than the actions that warranted this notice. Our university and numerous outside groups have looked at every aspect of our academic and athletic life. As a result, Carolina has implemented scores of new processes and checks and balances that have undoubtedly made us a better university. Hopefully, we will never again receive such a notice."

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