NCAA Tournament: Zion Williamson to face huge test against UCF's 7-foot-6 Tacko Fall

We all remember Tyler Hansbrough's determination to dunk on 7-foot-7 former UNC-Asheville big man Kenny George several years ago. Hansbrough succeeded as any YouTube search will show you.

It's the hoops equivalent of climbing Everest. Dunking on the tallest mountain. So when Duke (and Zion Williamson, the game's premier dunker) and UCF (featuring Tacko Fall, the game's tallest man) won their way into a 2nd round showdown, the talk was inevitable.

Fall, who's 7-foot-6, actually kick started things, jokingly announcing Friday that he would "not allow" Zion to dunk on him. Naturally that was put to Williamson on Saturday.

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Zion being Zion, he answered the question perfectly.

"What is he supposed to say? Is he supposed to say like I'm going to dunk on him? He said the right thing, but I'm not really focused on that. I'm just focused on trying to help my team win the game," Williamson said.

Williamson went on to spell out his "respect" for Fall's combination of size, skill and speed. Fall was similarly diplomatic when asked about Zion.

"Basketball plays are going to happen. I'm going to be out there and be aggressive and be the protector that I am. Zion is obviously a very talented kid, great kid. I've seen nothing but positive things about him, and great high ceiling too. And he also has great teammates, great bunch of kids, but he's going to do his job, and I'm going to do my job, and whatever happens happens," Fall said.

Well put, Tacko. The other obvious story line tomorrow - Mike Krzyzewski staring down Johnny Dawkins, the first Duke superstar of the K era. Check out the video in the media player above for their comments about each other.
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