At public forum, Spring Lake voices displeasure with NCDOT road project

Akilah Davis Image
Friday, July 27, 2018

SPRING LAKE, NC (WTVD) -- NCDOT held a public forum for Spring Lake residents on a proposed road project that would widen and extend Odell road from Fort Bragg to Bragg Boulevard. It would be a collaborative effort between Fort Bragg and NCDOT.

I don't think this is a very good idea," said one resident. "It's going to be way too congested."

According to residents, safety and the inconvenience of it all were the biggest talkers.

"To bring that type of traffic to our community ... we don't want that. This used to be a town of peacefulness and stuff," said resident Robin Chadwick.

NCDOT countered those statements with how the proposal would help.

"It would alleviate some congestion on Bragg Boulevard. Bragg Boulevard and Spring Lake is very congested and this is another tool to help alleviate the traffic jam in the morning and afternoon," said Andrew Barksdale with NCDOT.

Spring Lake officials were so against the project that they drafted up an idea of their own. They believe building an entirely new road and leaving Odell road as is would be the best option.

Although NCDOT maintains this is just a proposal, residents who stand in opposition hope it's just that.

"What can we do about it? Nothing. They might as well hang a sign saying, it's coming," said one resident. "We did what we want to do."