MORE BUGS? More rain this spring could mean more mosquitoes

The latest spring outlook has been released and it's hinting at wet weather for much of the southeast.

And due to a wet winter, there's also an elevated flood threat along the Mississippi River.

Since bugs thrive on warm and humid conditions, this could mean we will have to deal with extra critters soon.

Forecasters: 'Potentially historic' flooding threatens South

Mosquitoes, for example, multiply much faster when temperatures are constantly over 70 degrees.

Their larvae also thrives in areas of standing water. Those conditions are usually present with high rain totals across the state.

Do you know how many species of mosquitoes North Carolina has?
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Do you know how many species of mosquitoes call North Carolina home?

As we head into the spring, make sure your drainage systems are working properly.

That will limit areas of stagnant water that bugs thrive in. Also, make sure you don't have any open containers that collect water.

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