Starbucks customers can collect free drinks sooner with new rewards program

Any true Starbucks lover knows one thing: sign up for the rewards program!

The coffee mogul's current program offers two tiers in which customers can get a myriad of goods including points for purchases, a free birthday gift, the option to order ahead and more.

But starting April 16, Starbucks is changing the system to benefit those who don't want to shell out $8 for coffee every morning.

Currently, those enrolled earn two stars for every $1 spent. Whenever they reach between 0 and 299 stars, they're given green level status.

Earning more than 300 stars turns them into a gold member. Once that level is reached, free rewards start rolling in for every 125 stars earned.

However, in April, the company is moving to a single-level program where all members can earn stars toward free rewards from the day they join, CNN reported.

But for those who have earned their gold status, don't get too discouraged because this new program creates the options to get some rewards sooner and with fewer points.

With the new system, members can cash in 25 stars for an extra espresso shot, dairy substitute or another flavor pump.

For 50, they get a brewed hot coffee, hot tea or a bakery item.

Be aware, since stars are easier to earn, more expensive items will require more stars.
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