70-year-old woman accused of stealing more than $135K from sick, elderly friend

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018
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Woman faces 29 charges of allegedly defrauding a 70-year-old woman

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) -- Search warrants reveal new details about a 70-year-old woman accused of stealing from a sick senior citizen she was entrusted to care for.

The newly released documents showed Cheryl Risley stole more than $135,000.

Authorities said Risley "took money, monthly" from a Bank of America checking account "over a two year period." More than $12,000 was allegedly taken out of that one account.

Cheryl Risley

An investigator said Risley opened at least 10 different credit card accounts and racked up charges.

Here is the breakdown police listed in their search warrant:

  • Home Shopping Network - $1,733.00
  • Chase Card - $21,168.47
  • Chase Slate - $1,629.28
  • CitiCosto - $8,747.46
  • BOA - $5,508.00
  • MasterCard Apple Rewards - $1,793.00
  • AMEX - $15,040.71
  • FuturePayInc - $289.25
  • QVC - $277.00
  • BOA Visa - $2,942.34
  • Amazon -$3,902.13
  • BOA Checking - $12,814.25
  • Fidelity Checking - $59,390.00

Police said the fraud all happened while Risley was living rent free with Elsa Mumma, who has health problems.

Mumma's daughter said the 78-year-old is now in the hospital, and the fraud cases have caused great stress in her life.

Risley, who is facing 29 charges, is out of jail on bond.

ABC11 stopped by her home, but no one answered the front door.

"I'm very surprised. That's a bad thing to be accused of and I would never guess that would happen," said her neighbor Deborah Brogden. "The way I know her is as a nice person who would not do something like that."

Brogden said she's reserving judgment.

"She's charged. It's not proven. I will wait until it's proven," Brogden said.

Risley was arrested and arraigned in December.

"While we dispute some of the allegations, she has been candid about the involvement," her attorney Jesse Scharff has said. "A lot of what was purchased, it would be our contention, that it was for the home, for these two ladies, and that the alleged victim consented to a lot of this stuff."

Risley's next scheduled court date is set for August.