Middle school student spreads kindness with sticky notes

MILTON, Massachusetts -- The school year got off on the right note for some middle school students in Milton, Massachusetts.

Students at St. Agatha in Milton have a classmate to thank for a lesson in spreading kindness.

13-year-old Jess LaFlamme placed 72 sticky notes on lockers.

On each piece of paper, LaFlamme wrote two nice things about her classmates.

Affirmations like:

"You are gorgeous and an amazing friend."

"You are so nice and make everyone laugh."

LaFlamme got the idea from her teacher who asked them to write about what they wanted their legacy to be when they left the school.

LaFlamme decided her legacy would be kindness spread on sticky notes.

While LaFlamme's surprise act was anonymous, her classmates figured her out.

And they decided to return the favor, covering LaFlamme's locker from top to bottom with kind words.
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