Still haven't received your stimulus check from the IRS? Here's what you can do

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Thursday, July 2, 2020
Still haven't received your stimulus check from the IRS? Here's what you can do
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Still haven't received your stimulus check from the IRS? Here's what you can do

Stimulus money continues to roll out to consumers as, according to the IRS, $266 billion has been paid out to 158 million households.

Here in North Carolina, more than five million Economic Impact Payments were sent totaling $8,542,640,261.

Despite that large number, there are still many here in our state who have problems getting their EIP.

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson continues to hear from frustrated people who didn't get the right amount of stimulus money or didn't even get any money, despite the IRS claiming their money was sent to them.

A senior citizen who lives in Fayetteville got the letter from the White House that states she is due $1,200 thanks to the Cares Act, but she never got a check, direct deposit or prepaid debit card with that stimulus money.

Raleigh mom, Melissa Royal, also didn't get all of the stimulus money she is due.

Royal is on disability and doesn't make enough to file taxes but did fill out a non-filers form, which included her children on the IRS's website and got confirmation it was filled out correctly.

But when her stimulus money arrived, it was only the $1,200 for Royal, not the $500 for each child, money they desperately need.

"We are behind on electric, the water, the car payment, just behind on everything," she said.

She tried to get in touch with the IRS to get answers but had no luck, so she is still waiting for the extra $1,000 she is owed in stimulus money.

Royal is not alone. A recent report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that from April 10 to May 17, some stimulus payment calculations did not include the $500 for qualifying children, even though the guardian had correctly submitted information about their dependents to the IRS. According to the report, the incomplete payments went to people who aren't required to file a federal tax return because of their low income. The IRS said it hopes to make the missing payments for dependent children by the end of July, the report said.

When it comes to the others who are still waiting for their correct amount of stimulus dollars, the IRS tells us they're still processing EIP payments, but if you got the letter confirming you're owed stimulus money, and didn't get the money or the correct amount, Raleigh CPA Faith Bynum says you can claim it on your 2020 tax return.

"It will show up either a larger refund or it will decrease the tax liability that they may owe," she said.

Bynum also suggests you can call the IRS to initiate a trace on your payment, and you can also fill out this form 3911.

"It is worth the doing phone calls and filling out form 3911 to be able to find out what is the status," she said.

If you don't file taxes, make sure you've filled out the non-filers form. If you have more questions concerning stimulus payments, click here for some key answers from the IRS.