Restaurant owner offers $200 to catch 'scumbag,' 'vermin' who stole cacti from Gringo A GoGo

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- A Raleigh restaurant owner is offering a $200 reward for anyone who helps them find some stolen cacti statues.

The owner of Gringo A GoGo , located on Person Street in Downtown, had some harsh words for the person who stole the cacti.

"To the thief, you are a scumbag and I am sure that your parents are very proud of the vermin that they spawned," said Ben Shelton, the owner of the restaurant.

He said he flew to Laredo, Texas over Thanksgiving to pick up the custom-made cacti and drive them back to Raleigh in a rental truck.

He said the cacti had recently been equipped with holiday lights. They were also tied down with wires.

The thief cut the wires and made off with the cacti.

Shelton said he has surveillance cameras but is not interested in reviewing the video. He just hopes whoever stole his property will do the right thing and return it.

Shelton said similar cacti are not for sale anywhere in the area, so if you see anything like it call the business immediately.
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