Street lights smashed on American Tobacco Trail

DURHAM, NC (WTVD) -- Safety concerns are raised after street lights were found smashed on the American Tobacco Trail near the Streets of South Point.

An ABC11 viewer tipped us off to lights that appeared to have been vandalized; either from rocks thrown at them or possibly shot out.

Nearly every light on the trail near South Point Mall was shattered. New bulbs were put in place, but the glass has continued to glitter the ground.

"Riding by, I didn't notice, but it is a big safety concern," park goer Jessica Field said.

Another park goer Lauren Hoke addressed the same concern, "Definitely brings out safety concerns. Especially being out with like a little one or you know a dog and by myself often."

Durham Parks and Recreation told ABC11 they have replaced the bulbs and are working to clean up the glass.

Connie Stafford, who lives in a neighborhood just off the trail where this happened, said the broken lights make her feel uneasy.

"There's a lot of kids; there's families and I want it to be safe," she said. "There's no reason it can't be safe. You can see how many feet these are away from people's homes. If this isn't safe it doesn't feel very secure right there."

Durham Police said they did not have any information at this time, but they provided the following advice:

Be aware of your surroundings
Call 911 to report any suspicious activities
Do not walk alone
Try to remain in well-lit areas
Trust your instincts
Do not walk/run with earbuds or headphones
Bring a cell phone

Trail watch volunteer John Rives said he believes the trail is safe, but echoed DPD's advice to keep aware.

"We need to take care of it," he said, "And make it safe for everybody to use, walkers, joggers, cyclists, whatever."
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