Child hit at school bus stop in Wake County

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016
Middle schooler hit by car in Wake County
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Henry Cruz-Ovellana spoke to ABC11 after being hit by a car

WAKE FOREST, NC (WTVD) -- A Rolesville Middle School student hit by a car at a bus stop Tuesday morning is now home and recovering.

Henry Cruz is just 11 years old but he knows how lucky he is.

Cruz, who has a fracture below the knee and lost a tooth in the crash, told ABC11, "You know, it's another day of life. You only get like one life. And so like I guess I should be happy to be alive. That's all I'm really thinking about."

Cruz was standing at his bus stop on the side of busy Louisburg Road just north of Mitchell Mill Road at 7:30 a.m.

The Highway Patrol says 16-year old Rolesville High School Student Jordan Nobles was headed north on the road also known as Highway 401.

Nobles is charged with speeding and improper passing after the patrol says he tried to go around traffic in the right lane. When he couldn't merge back into traffic, he ran off the road, hit Cruz, and nearly hit another boy.

Cruz says Nobles jumped out the car and apologized. He says the crash was surreal and unlike anything he ever imagined.

"I thought it was a dream because I thought nothing bad would ever come to me. But that's like when I was in the hospital; that's when I realized anything can happen to you," he added, "So like you should really be worried when like you're in the road."

Cruz's parents and the parents of the other boy are calling on Wake County Schools to move the middle school bus stop to a street inside their small neighborhood.

That's where both boys were picked up last year by the bus that transports elementary school students.

"Since I got hit by a car and it was on the news, like hopefully they will move my bus stop to over here like a couple years ago," the 11-year old told reporters.

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