Parents sue after 30-year-old son refuses to move out of their home

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Michael Rotondo's parents say he won't leave the house despite several notices.

SYRACUSE, New York -- A 30-year-old man is now being sued by his own parents in Syracuse because he refused to move out.

Michael Rotondo's parents claim he won't leave the house despite several notices.

However, Rotondo said that legally, he wasn't given enough notice to leave.

According to court filings, Rotondo doesn't contribute to the family's expenses and doesn't help out with the chores.

His parents even said they've offered to help him get started on his own.

Rotondo is calling his parent's effort "retaliatory."

Neighbors said they're sad to see such a great family go through this, but admit every parent has a limit.

The family is scheduled to hash it out again in court later this month, about seven weeks before their son's 31st birthday.

Rotondo has apparently asked the court to throw out his parents' request.